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Whole grains tips

It’s easy to incorporate more whole grains into your diet at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With some simple advice, whole grains can quickly become a natural part of your daily routine. Look for the orange whole grain logo when you shop. This ensures that you’re getting a product with a high whole grain content. Gradually replace a portion of the flour in your favorite recipe with whole grain flour and experience how it adds both flavor and crispiness to your baked goods.

A life with whole grains

Breakfast: Start your day off right with the taste of whole grains. Choose between coarse or finely rolled oats, which can also be made into porridge and topped with fresh fruit and nuts. You can also begin your day with breakfast products proudly displaying the whole grain logo. If you prefer baked goods in the morning, opt for an airy whole grain roll or a juicy piece of whole grain bread. Toasted rye bread with a deep aroma or crunchy crispbread are also morning favorites in many households. You can add a handful of oats to your smoothie, or treat yourself to a serving of overnight oats that just need to be taken out of the refrigerator in the morning.

Lunch: Turn your lunch into a whole grain symphony. Float between the robustness of rye bread bites and experience tasty, convenient sandwiches, tortillas, or bagels on whole grain. Explore salads with soaked or cooked rye or wheat berries that provide a juicy crunch. The airy and crispy slices of whole grain bread are also an excellent companion when preparing lunch.

Dinner: As the evening approaches, let the taste and texture of whole grains take center stage on your plate. . Include whole grain rice, pasta, couscous, and bulgur in your favorite dishes and salads, or make a lasagna where the whole grain sheets hold the layers together. Wrap your dinner in the full embrace of whole grain tortillas or accompany the soup with a hearty piece of bread. You can also add a bit of oats to your meatball mixture or let the fish take a dip in rye flour or whole grain breadcrumbs.

Snacks: When hunger strikes, whole grains are the obvious choice. Crunchy crispbread with whole grains creates a crispy foundation for quick flavor experiences, while coarse muesli on yogurt or homemade rolls with rye, oats, or whole grain wheat flour provide soft and crunchy alternatives to satisfy your small cravings.

Baking: Dive into home baking and experience the delicious properties of whole grains. Bake your favorite treats with whole grain flour such as white whole wheat or whole grain wheat flour. Let your taste buds indulge as whole grains become a key ingredient in your kitchen, transforming your bread and rolls with recipes full of flavor and vitality. Replace a portion of the flour in your favorite recipes with whole grain flour and explore the universe of whole grains.

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