The Danish Whole Grain Partnership

The Danish Whole Grain Partnership

We want to inspire you to eat more whole grains. The Danish Whole Grain Partnership is a public-private partnership between the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, the Danish Cancer Society, the Danish Heart Foundation, and the Danish Diabetes Association, as well as several food companies, retail chains, and industry associations. Together, we work to improve public health by encouraging Danes to eat more whole grains.

About the partnership

The Danish Whole Grain Partnership consists of 27 partners, a board with representatives from various types of organizations involved in the collaboration, and a common secretariat with two full-time employees and a student assistant

Each partner contributes with their strengths and competencies. Together, we can make a greater difference than individually.

Vision and mission

The vision of The Danish Whole Grain Partnership is to promote public health by encouraging Danes to eat more whole grains. The mission of the Whole Grain Partnership is to increase the availability of whole grain products and spread awareness of the beneficial effects of whole grains. The targeted work of The Danish Whole Grain Partnership has already brought results:

  • A significant increase in the number of products labeled with the whole grain logo, from 190 in 2010 to 1097 products in 2019.
  • 68% of all Danes are familiar with the whole grain logo, and out of them, 80% say they also shop according to the logo. (Megafon 2021)
  • · A significant increase in the average daily intake of whole grains from 36 grams per 10 MJ before the campaign started to 82 grams per 10 MJ in 2019.



Rikke Neess

Campaign Manager

“My task is to create enthusiasm in the partnership and to make it easy for the consumers to choose whole grains every where they go. I look forward going to work every day to collaborate with our dedicated wholegrain partners on this important mission.”


Cecilia Mandrup

Campaign Consultant

“It’s very motivating every day to work for a partnership that makes a difference. My main task is to help create campaigns and activities that increase awareness of whole grains and encourage the consumers to choose the whole grain logo when they shop.”


Simon Kramer

Student assistant

“My responsibility is the Whole Grain Partnership’s social media and newsletter, as I study communication and digital media at AAU. Find inspiration and tips for incorporating more whole grains into your daily life on our Instagram and Facebook, while you can follow our work in the partnership on LinkedIn.”


Niels Brinch-Nielsen

Valsemøllen A/S
Chairman of the Board

“The Whole Grain Partnership is a great success. In just 10 years, we have achieved that Danes eat over twice as much whole grain, our whole grain logo is now on more than 1000 products, and over half of the population buys according to it. This we have only been able to achieve in a strong partnership between NGOs, the public sector, and private companies.”

Charlotte Kølln

Section Leader
Danish Veterinary and Food Administration
Vice Chairman

“The Whole Grain Partnership is a unique example of structural prevention, so many more in Denmark have the opportunity to eat food with whole grains. It is good for our health, and grain products are among the foods with the lowest carbon footprint.”

Peter Dalum

Project Manager
Danish Cancer Society
Vice Chairman

”Consuming whole grains prevents colorectal cancer. The Whole Grain Partnership has shown that it is possible to change the bread and cereal market to make it both healthier and tastier when working together towards a common goal across sectors.”

Søren Egesborg

Kohberg Bakery Group A/S
Board Member

“In 2023, 18 of our Kohberg bread and rolls are marked with the Whole Grain logo, and every time we introduce new bread and rolls, we consider whether the bread can advantageously contain a higher proportion of whole grains and thus be marked with the Whole Grain logo.”

Mette Mecklenburg

Senior Food Consultant
Coop Denmark A/S
Board Member

“A large part of consumers knows, trusts, and shops according to the whole grain logo, as the logo is easy to decode and easy to understand. Due to the good collaboration in the partnership, we have all been able to make a difference and can continue to make a difference.”

Kim Madsen

Lantmannen Cerealia A/S
Board Member

“In our company, whole grains have become one of the first things we talk about when developing a new product. It says something about how strong a parameter whole grains have become.”

Pernille Bang-Löwgren

Lantmännen Schulstad A/S
Board Member

“As the largest supplier of bread to the Danes, we have a responsibility to improve public health. We continuously improve our products so that we can always offer bread with a minimum amount of whole grains and fibers, even if it may not necessarily be seen or tasted. Our participation in the Whole Grain Partnership adds a meaningful dimension to our mission.”

Leif Nielsen

DI Food
Branch Director

“The healthy choice should be the easy choice, and the whole grain logo has made it easy for the Danes to choose whole grains. The potential is enormous when many of us collaborate on the health challenge.”